I've got the project to improve user experience on a product page and a sell/renting out page at  So I decided to interview to figure out which customer needs as well as product advantage to solve their needs.

Methods: Empathy map, Interviews, Prototyping, User personas, Marketing funnel, Card sorting, High fidelity


Empathy map:

I would like to deep dive to know the factor which users decide to buy, rent or sell until conversion. So I choose the empathy map method to figure out how to create interview topics, user persona, questionnaire topics.



After I executed an empathy map to figure out the needs and fears of users then I bring the keyword to create

interview topics and interview by google form as follows:


User Persona:

When executed the interview, I sorted the interview to be needs, fears as well as behaviors. I'll bring this information to design in the next step.

Case study 1:



I use the information from to know the top of channel that user came to fazwaz website. From information, Google Search is the top, So I decide to design user journey from search first.

user journey google search-100.jpg
Hifi product page-100.jpg
property page_1_1.gif
hifi product page vdo-100.jpg

Case study 2:



After I executed the empathy map, user persona, user journey & prototype for the product page, I came up with many ideas to design the sell page. 

So I began to execute a user journey then I bring the idea to did a prototype for the sell page.

Sell page journey-100.jpg
Hifi Sell page-100.jpg


I use a Google Form to executed A/B testing and gathering feedback from users as follows:



Product page summary: 

  • After A/B testing, Mostly user prefer new UX/UI design, but user prefer add streetview button to new design as well. 

  • The minimal design help user to see the essential information, call to action and conversion button outstanding. 

  • Less scrolling down, less task of the user and extend the opportunity to focus on deciding to buy or rent.

Sell page summary:

  • After rearranging information, This design rather less complicated, less journey, less time to spend to fill information. Extend the opportunity to succeed in the process.



I would like to get the usage data such as demographic, geographic, interest, behavior data from Facebook Fanpage, Facebook ads, Google analytic to know real insight.

  • Example data studio dashboard that I would like to get it, It's show the real user problem then we can solve the problem in the right direction.