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Tawa siriwach collection



The ultimate of Tawa Siriwach

Simplicity but sophistication.




Tawa siriwach collection



The first one of Simplicity art method. This painting establishes an idea and style with another painting to the present. Minimalism. Look moving but calm inside.

Size (Framed) : 61x48cm l Date : 20.7.2015

Mediums : Acrylic


Tawa siriwach collection


The Innovation of art that emphasizes the word

"Minimalism, Look moving but calm inside."

Spend 2 years for research, develop and design

how to be the best of "simplicity art".

Size (Framed) : 53.5x58cm l Date : 5.12.2017

Mediums : Acrylic


Tawa siriwach collection


Delight change your world. Represents

the delight of everyone. When happiness,

feel free like this.

Size (Framed) 53.5x68.5cm l Date : 1.5.2018

Mediums : Acrylic


Tawa siriwach collection


In 2015, Tawa was design and draw this. Name is Task is success.

Tell about when we are face the problem.

Just do and calm, We are get the best we want.

Size 34x37.5cm l Date : 14.7.2015

Mediums : Drawing on paper.



Tawa siriwach collection


Freedom life, Freedom from negative thinking.

Minimalism. Look moving but calm inside.

Size 36x39cm l Date : 27.8.2015

Mediums : Acrylic


Tawa siriwach collection


You can't stop the problem like flowing of the waterfall

but you can understand the problem, exist and be happy with your life.

Minimalism. Look moving but calm inside.

Size 37.5x50cm l Date : 23.7.2015

Mediums : Acrylic


Grass Field Blowing low.JPG

The Last Oil Painting

- The Last Oil Painting -

Name of painting : Grass Field Blowing

This is the last oil painting of Tawa Siriwach. In 2015, He stops to use oil painting because he had a headache from oil color. So he decides to change to use acrylic color, finally, he had to find out the Simplicity art method. This artwork is the rarity of Tawa Siriwach art collection. He had scraped on black color for make moving of grass.


Size : 60x50cm

Date : 6/4/2015

Mediums : Oil on canvas

2018-12-08 23.02.51 copy.JPG


- 7 months to researching -

Tawa was designed this painting 7 months, designed on paper, and researching it on the partition in the bathroom when took a shower. This work tells about if you faced the problem with happiness and dignity. you will always grow and happiness.

Size : 37.5x37.5cm

Date : 8.12.2018

Mediums : Acrylic

2018-12-23 17.09.25 tw copy.JPG

Look into the Sky

- 13 Days to researching -

The concept is we like to look far away to find beautiful things. But we forget to look yourself, everybody has the beautiful thing. The beautiful thing of your life is the best what fit for you.

Size : 50x37.5cm

Date : 23.12.2018

Mediums : Acrylic


Take Care.

Illustration in หนังสือเตือนใจของเรา Book

Your action will be the effect with other always, not only one you. Attention the people who love you and around you. The Atmosphere will be happy around you.


Size : 30x30cm

Date : 3/10/2015

Mediums : Acrylic

2018-04-01 08.53.28 re.JPG

Rainy day.

Inspired by rainy fall all day. I saw the rainfall and attack on the floor. I like this. As same as when you to do something with, it will come back to you as same as you did.

Size : 40x37cm

Date : 1/4/2018
Mediums : Acrylic

2018-10-09 07.32.42 copy.JPG

Simplicity Forest (Researching)

This is researching painting of "Simplicity Forest". 


Size : 37x30cm

Date : 13/11/2015
Mediums : Acrylic


2018-12-01 19.56.03 copy.JPG

Twist and Fast

- Recommended -

Twist and Powerful fast. Represent the powerful in yourself.


Size : 50x37cm

Date : 21/8/2016

Mediums : Acrylic

Tawadesign magazine Issue3 part3 art 40.

We love Thailand (1/1)

- Mixed media in Tawadesign Magazine -

“We love Thailand” Featured art column on Tawadesign Magazine Issue3. Tawa Siriwach’s magazine, writing article, layout, take the photo by Tawa. This issue is the last magazine. Tawa decides to stop make another issue and focus art and writing instead. Tawa uses mixed media, Acrylic painting and digital. He uses Adobe Illustrator for created graphics and Layout design. “We love Thailand” is the history of Tawa Siriwach before created the simplicity art method. This work represents Thai people love Thailand. Thailand is the smiling land, Good culture. 

Size : 61x40.7cm

Date : 2015

Mediums : Mixed media print on paper

Tawa siriwach collection


This is the Distinguished series of simplicity art. Just you tenacity with something you love. someday you will get the best thing.

Minimalism, Look moving but calm inside.

Size : 37.5x37cm l Date : 22.10.2018

Mediums : Acrylic


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